Loss + Community

Hear Chance tell his story and how his small group impacted his life in a truly meaningful way in the wake of extreme loss. We believe that “circles are better than rows” and that life change and growth happens best in the context of supportive community. GroupLaunch is coming up. Don’t miss the opportunity to...

Exam Week Encouragement

Exam week is upon us. Have you done a little too much procrastinating? Are you avoiding the inevitable right now? We know the struggle is real and are here to help you fight on!

Community Group Spotlight

Joining a small group could be one of the best decisions you make as a college student. Don't believe me? Listen to Jocelyn tell her story about how saying "yes" to this intentional community changed her life.

The End It Movement

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The quote above comes from a letter Dr. King wrote from a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama. He was explaining to a group of critics why he could not “sit idly” in Atlanta where things were actually slowly progressing all the while...

Heard at TLR

We often get asked about our setlists by people who want to listen to the songs we sing on Mondays throughout the week. So we've put together something just for you. From our walk-in music, to new songs we think you should hear, to the ones we sing with you guys– we have a playlist for them all.

brett stanfill
An Interview with Brett Stanfill

Get to know Brett Stanfill. He is one of our worship leaders and is also a current student at Georgia State University. We asked him a few questions about his experience there and about school in general.

3 Mistakes I Made My Freshman Year

As we approach the upcoming school year, I wanted to share with you rising freshmen some wisdom I lacked when I stood in your shoes. I attended Georgia State University (go Panthers!) and had a great experience every year I was there. But my first year would have gone a lot smoother and would have...

City Guide: Summer in ATL

We have loved the last four weeks together and are sad to see our summer gatherings come to a close. But there is still plenty of summer left. And in Atlanta, there are so many ways to enjoy this season. So, for those of you who may not be familiar with this beautiful city, we’ve...

New Songs this Week

First, we hope to see all of you at The Living Room for our last gathering of the summer this Monday night at North Point Community Church. We have a special evening planned to wrap up our time together. Gavin Adams will be back to finish our series How to Travel Without a Map. We’ll...

We are Moving for the Summer!

The Living Room is moving to North Point Community Church for four weeks this June. That’s right—say goodbye to the high-rises of Buckhead, and say hello to the green lawns and peaceful serenity of suburbia. Despite the change in scenery, we will still have the same great dinner, worship, and teaching experience that has become...