Accepting the "Unacceptable"

Accept. When we placed our faith in Christ, one of the many commands we were given was to accept people.

But that’s hard, isn’t it?

It’s hard because there are people we deem “unacceptable.” Perhaps it’s a dad who walked out on you. Maybe it’s a friend who never keeps her promises. Or maybe it’s a co-worker who always presses your buttons.

Whoever comes to mind, we label him or her as unacceptable.

But, when we open the pages of Scripture, and because our heavenly Father loves us, he speaks.

“Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you . . .” (Romans 15:7)

Wait. What? I’m supposed to accept everyone just as Christ accepted me?

That’s staggering, because I was not very acceptable when Christ accepted me!

I think if we were face-to-face with our heavenly Father, he would say, “Exactly. I want you to break the habit of accepting only acceptable people. Just as I accepted you the way you were, I want you to accept others the way they are.”

So, who came to mind as you read this? Who have you labeled “unacceptable”?

We will be a step closer to understanding God’s love for us when we are able to shift our perspectives from How do I convince someone he needs to change? to How do I accept someone the way he is?