Album Release - Casey Darnell


New music from Casey Darnell is finally here! Two years after his North Point record debut, Casey Darnell brings us some new worship tunes. Darnell, one of our worship leaders here at Buckhead Church, released his self-titled record on Monday. Songs like “Our Great God” and “When the Waters Rise” from Darnell’s 2011 Coming Alive album are sung in all of our churches every week. Before I listened to the new record, I thought it was going to be tough to match the quality of the songs from Coming Alive. But Casey Darnell does not disappoint.

The first track, “Marvelous,” is the perfect song to kick off the record. It reminds me of Chris Tomlin’s first track, “Awake My Soul,” off Burning Lights: fast pace, simple chorus, and great bridge. I love this song and can’t wait for churches to play it all over the country.

“Strong Enough” is the “Our Great God” of the record. It’s a great corporate worship tune that isn’t too hard or too slow. The chorus is:

“You are stronger, stronger when I’m weak. Through the valleys and shadows, you will carry me. Like a shield and a shelter, your grace is all I ever need. You are strong enough to carry me.”

This will definitely be the song you hear many churches and live records cover over the next year. Lyrically and in terms of arrangement, I think it is Darnell’s best song to date.

Can’t get enough of Hillsong’s Young & Free? Then you’ll love this album too. Listen to “We Believe.” It reminds me a lot of Young & Free’s “Alive.” This is a great tune for those of you who love to run or work out to worship tunes. This song just makes you feel good. The bridge is simple but catchy, with some “whoa-oh-ohs” and lyrics saying, “Come on, let your light shine.”

“Let My Soul Sing” is a song that feels very Redmanesque. (Yes, I just made up that term.) It is much like a hymn. I think Darnell was on to something when he wrote this song. He said, “We’re going bold now. We believe these songs point people to Jesus—best thing I could ever sell. We want people to have them and give ‘trusting in God’ a chance when it comes to making decisions.”

“All Things New” is a folk-inspired worship song, in the style of Keeps On Changing, the new record by fellow North Point worship leader Seth Condrey (if you don’t have that one, grab it, too). This is a great song to listen to in the car while driving to work or school. I also think it is a great tune to accompany devotions or an early-morning sunrise. Ever since I got this song, I have been really looking forward to getting up and starting my day.

“Never Be the Same” is the last track on this 11-track record. This song is a true anthem. I think Darnell knew to end the record with this one. The first part of the chorus is, “I know I’m forgiven, I know I’ve been changed, now I know I’ll never be the same.” This is such profound truth when we first turn our lives to God or if we are recommitting our lives to him. Out of all the songs on the album, this is definitely my favorite because it represents exactly how I feel when I have these kinds of moments in my life.

Casey Darnell is on iTunes now. Grab it here:

-Zach Rogers