Authentic Community

As a college student, you will never be more tempted to put secondary what you know needs to be primary—your relationship with Christ. Atlanta is a big city and it seems almost impossible to find other Christ-followers who want to grow in their relationship with Christ as well. So, how do college students in a big city find a way to grow in their relationship with Christ? They join Community Groups.

A Community Group consists of...

eight to ten students who meet once a week over the course of the school year to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. Community Groups have adult leaders who are a few steps ahead of you in life to help you navigate the complexities of college life and discover biblical truths. You will meet and develop friendships with other students who understand your struggles and are willing to hold you accountable and walk alongside you.

We all know college life is demanding and seems like endless work. So, what better way to grow your relationship with your heavenly Father than to step out of your schedule and step into community?

You don’t need another event or church gathering. What you need is a predictable environment where you can “do life” with people you trust, where you can experience a sense of belonging and care.

You have very little to lose and so much to gain. If you would like to join a group, click here.