Christian App Essentials

Gavin's Christian App Essentials

YouVersion It’s the top dog when it comes to Christian apps. With millions of users around the world, this totally free Bible app gives users multiple versions of the Good Book in both text and audio. For those looking to go deeper, YouVersion also offers devotional plans with authors like Joyce Myers and John Piper. With the added ability to take notes and attach them to verses, this app is ready to use for Christians at any level of faith.

Prayer List This app serves as a solution to anyone who's ever promised to pray for a friend, only to forget shortly thereafter. This uncluttered and attractive app allows users to add current prayer requests and check them off when they're done.

Fighter Verses For any user looking to strengthen his or her scripture memory, this app uses a great system to challenge users weekly to complete a five-year total plan. The app keeps it fun with a variety of quizzes and also has a function that records the user’s voice to aid in memorization.

Stitcher For the tech-savvy churchgoer, Stitcher is a free podcasting radio app. This app allows you simply to stream podcasts on your device without having to sync it to a computer. Just choose a station of your choice and start streaming.

Funny Church Signs Admittedly not a very serious app, but it's good for comic relief. This app contains over 240 humorous church signs from around the country.