Most of us have them. Some of us don’t. But whether we dream big daily or hardly at all, dreaming is something we have been designed and called to do.

As my small group goes through the study Restless by Jennie Allen, we visit and revisit the story of Joseph (the one with the coat of many colors). He was called to dream in a very specific way. (Check out his story, found in Genesis 37–50.)

The story of Joseph and his dreams relates to us in a very real way and gives us glimpses of God’s character. Whether Joseph failed in his dreaming (which he did) or saved thousands by dreaming (which he did), God used Joseph to accomplish his purposes.

Here’s a quote from the study: “If you are reading this book [or blog], you likely have the luxurious obligation to dream. We live at a time in history that affords us something that many have died for: the freedom and opportunity to dream and accomplish those dreams . . . It’s a glorious luxury, and our greatest responsibility.”

So, maybe you have huge dreams. Maybe you have a fear of failure that causes you to block out any dream at all. But whatever you’ve dreamed up to stand in the way of dreaming or achieving your dreams, I encourage you today to tackle that fear, doubt, pride, or whatever it may be.

You have a purpose, and God has woven dreams and passions into your identity to accomplish that purpose. The world needs the person you were created to be. Let nothing stand in the way of loving people and serving God through your dreams.