Have you ever wondered, What is the result of following Jesus? People might say, “You’ll become a better person,” “You’ll be a better student,” or “You’ll be a better daughter or son.” While these are all true, they are only byproducts of following Jesus—not the end result.

So, what is the result of following Jesus? To where or what is he leading you?

The answer may surprise you.

Time and again, Jesus reminded his followers not to fear. During the Sermon on the Mount, he emphasized that people should not worry. He said that rather than worrying about their lives, food, clothes, and futures, they should instead trust God (Matthew 6:25–34). When he saw that his disciples were seized by fear in the midst of a storm, he calmed the waves and asked the men why they were so afraid (Mark 4:40).

Jesus would often take his followers to the brink of their faith to see how they would react. It seems natural to worry about what might happen, but Jesus invites us to think differently. Jesus wants us to respond with the fearless confidence that God is with us.

When you live like this, you won’t be controlled by worries about the present and the future. Instead, you will be able to approach life without fear, knowing that your heavenly Father is with you.

That’s where following Jesus leads us. It leads us to a place where we are so secure in our Father’s love that we will not fear what this life throws at us.