Invest and Invite

If you’ve been around The Living Room awhile, you’ve heard about our ministry strategy of investing and inviting. We believe that the best way to reach the students we encounter day-to-day is to invest in them and—when the time is right—invite them to church.

We believe this because Jesus modeled it for us. Jesus intentionally spent the majority of his time investing in the hearts of people who weren’t following God. The Bible tells us that he was a friend of sinners and tax collectors. And when the time was right, Jesus invited them to enter into a relationship with their heavenly Father.

As the church body, we should follow our Savior’s example. We should sit down with, converse with, and have dinner with the “sinners and tax collectors” in our lives. By doing so, we join with our heavenly Father as he seeks to bring his lost children home.

As you read this, you may feel a bit overwhelmed . . . and with good reason. Let’s be honest. You pass thousands of students as you walk to your classes, and those numbers can be a bit daunting.

Would you be willing to pick three or four students to invest in this semester? You might consider someone in your lower-level creative writing class or a partner in a group project. Also think about the people in your student organizations and your dorm hallway or apartment building.

Would you pray for the boldness to sit down with them, invest in them, and—when the time is right—invite them to church?

- David