We all have labels. Some of the labels we give ourselves: athletic, smart, and successful—or, not athletic, unworthy, and not pretty.

Other labels come from the people we spend time with: cool, hip, and outgoing—or, not loved, unwanted, and outcast.

But, who has the right to label something?

Three types of people have the right to label something:

  1. The maker
  2. The owner
  3. The purchaser

That’s just common sense, right?

But, some of us label ourselves and allow others around us to label us. And by allowing others to label us, we give them control of our lives and allow them to determine who we are and what we should do.

So, who has the right to label you? You? Your friends? Your boss?


The One who made you, owns you, and purchased you has the right to label you.

Instead of accepting the labels others give you, will you accept the labels your heavenly Father gives you?