The Valley of Vision

Earlier this year, my friend gave me a book of prayers called The Valley of Vision. The first time I opened the book, I came across this devotional prayer:

O Lord, We commune with thee every day, But weekdays are worldly days, And secular concerns reduce heavenly impressions. We bless thee therefore for the day sacred to our souls When we can wait upon thee and be refreshed; We thank thee for the institutions of religion By use of which we draw near to thee and thou to us; We rejoice in another Lord’s Day When we call off our minds from the cares of the world And attend upon thee without distraction; Let our retirement be devout, Our conversation edifying, Our reading pious, Our hearing profitable, That our souls may be quickened and elevated. We are going to the house of prayer, Pour upon us the spirit of grace and supplication; We are going to the house of praise, Awaken in us every grateful and cheerful emotion; Give testimony to the Word preached, And glorify it in the hearts of all who hear; May it enlighten the ignorant, Awaken the careless, reclaim the wandering, Establish the weak, comfort the feeble-minded, Make ready a people for their Lord.

Be a sanctuary to all who cannot come, Forget not those who never come, And do thou bestow upon us Benevolence towards our dependents, Forgiveness toward our enemies, Peaceableness toward our neighbours, Openness toward our fellow-Christians.

I love how this prayer is entirely focused on devoting our days to God. By devoting and surrendering ourselves to God, we express our trust and dependency on him.

When we take the steps of surrendering our days and our lives to God, we are then able to experience his faithfulness toward us.

For the next week, would you consider surrendering to God not just your eternity, but also your present?