The One Thing I Learned Throughout College

Every year in college, I was faced with new opportunities and along with that, decisions had to be made. Each time I had to make a decision that I felt I was being led to make, I always had a creeping bit of doubt in my head.

It was something like this: What if God doesn't come through?

I always played out the possibility that God wouldn't come through. But each time I took a leap of faith and trusted God with the outcome... he never failed me.

Divine Detours

A few mornings ago, I was reading my morning devotional and came across the topic of divine detours. Here is what my devotional read:

God’s will for your life contains detours that build your trust in Him and build maturity in you. Your detour may seem dumb and a waste of time, but in reality, it is part of God’s great adventure. Detours are very and pregnant with life lessons that cannot be learned on a well-beaten and familiar path. Your ability to endure this sidebar experience is a test of humility. Your willingness to walk with God on what seems a tangential assignment has fruitful outcomes.