We'll Explore these five questions:

who is god?

What comes to mind when you think about God? Is he a white-bearded old man in a robe and sandals? A muscular white dude from a Renaissance painting? A buzz killer who carves his boring rules in stone?

What if God was the all-powerful Creator of the universe? What if he also loves people and cares about the details of their lives? What if he cares about your life? What if he actually wants to connect with you? That would change everything, right?

who are you?

You carry all sorts of labels. You’re a student. You’re a son or daughter, maybe a brother or sister. You’re an American, an Atlantan. You’re an employee, a boss. You’re an athlete, an artist, a dancer. But you’re more than a bunch of labels. You are unique. God has some surprising and life-changing things to tell you about who you really are.

why are you here?

To understand why you’re here, you have to understand who God is and why he created you. He made you with a unique combination of talents, gifts, and resources. He wants you to use them to glorify him by being the hands and feet of Jesus for other people.

why the "church"?

That word doesn’t exactly inspire admiration, does it? But here’s the thing: Jesus created the church. And he didn’t create it to be an institution that bores people or makes them feel guilty. He started the church as a movement to challenge the status quo in order to change people’s lives. The church today can still be that movement. This will happen when the people who live the movement demonstrate a radical kind of selflessness to those around them—as they live and love like Jesus.

what is god doing in the world?

Did God just create the world and bail? Is he sitting out there somewhere watching everything that goes on around us with casual disinterest? What if God still thinks his creation is great? What if he’s constantly, persistently changing and saving people’s lives? What if he’s all about beauty, creativity, and love? What if God cares? And what if he wants you to be involved in what he’s doing in the world?